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#1 Heated Vest

How HeatMaxPro can prevent your hands and legs from freezing this winter

When your core starts to cool down, blood is drawn away from the extremities(hands & legs) making them get cold in a hurry.  You might not even notice your core is cooling because of this.

Our HeatMaxPro is made of nylon embedded with 4 carbon fiber heating elements keeping your core warm and giving you the cozy experience you always wanted

Don't believe us see what our customer said:

My husband says that in the winter, he freezes. It has always made me feel so bad. So over the years, I've tried to find him different types of long johns and socks. Which he always says is just okay. Well this vest is a life saver, as it will keep him warm and isn't bulky

Please check the size chart before placing an order

5 reasons why HeatMaxPro is a MUST HAVE this holiday season?


Feels Like A Blanket
Makes a Great Gift
Completely Safe 


✅ Perfect for outdoor activities especially hunting

✅ Provides relief to muscle pain by its warmth

 How It Works

  • 4 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas (left and right pocket, collar, mid-back).
  • 3 heating settings ranging from 25°C to 45°C.
  • Up to 10 working hours. (On low setting)
  • Easy connection to battery source through USB.

    Note: This vest does not come with a battery pack/power bank.



    • PU Waterproof Coating & High-quality Nylon – The heated jacket is made of three different materials, keeping you warm in cold and humid conditions. The surface of it adopts Taslon Fabric With PU waterproof coating, which can make the water droplets from water droplets without diffusing and penetrating, achieving the lotus leaf waterproof function, and high-quality nylon clipped in the middle of it.
    • USB Intelligent Safe Heating –The USB heated jacket heats by heating sheet, which can create 10,000 mA current and can continue to heat for up to 10 hours.
    • Three Heating Modes – The heated jacket has three Heating Modes shown by different light, meeting your different temperature needs. The red light indicates high-temperature heating mode ,whose temperature is about 110℉(45℃), the green light indicates low-temperature heating mode, whose temperature is about 90℉(30℃), and the red light indicates medium temperature heating mode ,whose temperature is about 100℉(25℃)


    Here's Exactly What You'll Get

    The warmth, comfort, and flexibility to go anywhere this winter without worrying about the cold. A product that is truly made to provide the warmth that you need. Get all this and an extra 60% OFF.


    Package Includes-

    1. HeatMaxPro


    This product comes under "Flickpick's Love Your Product or Get Your Money Back Guarantee"


    You're at a point of decision...

    You can either continue down the path with the worry to carry an extra jacket or that freezing sensation in your hands or legs

    But if you want to enjoy this winter like you want to then you have to make a choice right now!

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